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Rebecca, 66, spends a day on on the beach for the first time in her life

Rebecca, 66, of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma is a committed mother of four who involved herself in the community in whatever way she was able to. Rebecca always gave back to neighbors and community members in need. Currently, Rebecca is suffering from late stage liver cancer. She was diagnosed several years ago and underwent a procedure to remove the cancerous cells from her body. Unfortunately, her doctor mistakenly left a few during the procedure and Rebecca’s cancer later returned, worse than ever. As Rebecca refused further treatment and is letting her disease run its course, she reflected upon her biggest regrets in her life, and hoped to be able to fulfill a dream that she has held since she was a child.

Rebecca has held a fascination with the ocean since she was nine. When Rebecca was young, her parents used to take her and her siblings to a local creek to sit by the water on weekends. Rebecca marveled at this natural beauty and couldn’t help but wonder what an ocean looked like in comparison. Rebecca always wanted to go to the ocean, but her medical expenses got in the way and she was never able to afford such a trip.

Wish of A Lifetime was proud to be able to send Rebecca to Galveston, Texas with her family. Rebecca absolutely loved seeing the water and experiencing feeling the sand between her feet. Wish of A Lifetime was proud to help fulfill a ‘bucket list’ item for Rebecca and honor her in the way that she deserves.

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