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Ron cheers on the Brewers

Ron, 73, grew up in Appleton, Wisconsin, where he worked for Appleton Corner Papers as a statistician who reported sports statistics. Growing up in Wisconsin and reporting sports, Ron quickly became a Brewers fan. Today, Ron loves listening to Brewers games on his radio. Although he enjoys watching Brewers games on TV, he especially enjoys listening to his favorite broadcaster, Bob Uecker, narrate Brewers games. Ron has not been to a Brewers game in 15 years and Wished he could return to Miller Park for a home game one last time.

Unfortunately, Ron was placed on hospice in February of 2016. Recently, a small gift program was able to provide Ron with a Brewers shirt. Yvonne, SouthernCare Hospice Social Worker, said, “Baseball is the one thing that will brighten his day. I never once saw him smile since he went on hospice until we got him a Brewers t-shirt.” When Yvonne gave him the t-shirt, she asked Ron if he would be interested in attending a Brewers game. Ron smiled even bigger and said “YES!”

Although Ron is a fairly quiet individual, his passion for the Brewers is clear. Kari, a friend of Ron’s, said, “When I talk to him about baseball, the conversation is different. It’s nostalgic.” Wish of a Lifetime sent Ron and two companions, LaTonya and Matthew, to a Brewers vs. Braves game. Ron was excited to cheer on his favorite team live from Miller Park. LaTonya said, “He smiled the whole time. I kind of got teary eyed.” The day before the game, Ron received an autographed baseball and message from Bob Uecker. Bob told Ron to “hang in there” and Ron was thrilled to have memorabilia from his favorite broadcaster.

Photo credit: La Haye Photography LLC

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