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Rosalie’s Reunion

Rosalie is a 67-year-old resident of Brookdale Courtyard Puyallup in Washington. Rosalie grew up in Pueblo, Colorado with her six siblings. Although they all still consider Pueblo to be a kind of “home base,” most of the family has spread out all over the country. Recently, Rosalie received an invitation to her high school class’s 50th reunion, which got her thinking about how much she would enjoy going back to her hometown. She had not been able to keep in touch with many of her classmates and thought it would be a real thrill to be able to reconnect with some of them face-to-face. While chatting with her sister about how much she would like to accept the invitation and return to Pueblo, her sister got the idea to arrange a family reunion in the following days so that Rosalie could make the most of her visit.

Rosalie has always been very close with her siblings and loves having a big family. The family used to gather for reunions every year, bringing hundreds of relatives together. These reunions were often the only times that Rosalie would get to see her siblings or any of her extended family; however, she had not been able to attend one in nearly ten years. Rosalie has two brothers who she was particularly excited to see again who she hadn’t seen in 10 and 20 years, respectively. Both of these brothers are Viet Nam veterans and suffer from major hearing loss, which has made it impossible for Rosalie to connect with them via phone calls over the years. She also wanted to reconnect with other family members such as her youngest son, who had been recovering from an injury, as well as her newest grandson, who she had never met.

Wish of a Lifetime and Brookdale Senior Living granted Rosalie’s Wish by sending her and her daughter Kathy to Pueblo for a week. Rosalie got to attend her class reunion and spend time with her family. The highlight of the trip for Rosie was getting to reconnect with her two brothers, who flew to Pueblo to see her.

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