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Rose meets a Green Bay Packers Player

According to those that know her, 99-year-old Rose of Oshkosh, WI is a “Packers nut” and the “ultimate Packers fan.” Being a Wisconsin native and living there all of her life, Rose has supported the Green Bay Packers for as long as she can remember. For her 90th birthday, Rose even received a special birthday letter from the team. At 99 years old, Rose wished to meet a Green Bay Packers player to celebrate her love of the Packers.

Following the Packers has been a tradition in Rose’s family that she proudly continues. Although she has never been to a game, she makes sure to catch all of them on TV. She wears green and gold for every game, “from her earrings to her Packer beads.” Around her apartment, you can find a crocheted banner that reads “Go Pack Go” and her dolls dressed in crocheted Packers clothing. In addition to her love of the Packers, Rose is also known for her positivity and strong will to live. “People go to assisted living to live, not to die,” said her nurse, Robin. “Rose is the epitome of that.”

Thanks to Wish of a Lifetime, Rose’s wish to meet a Green Bay Packers player became a reality. Former Green Bay Packers wide receiver Bill Schroeder surprised Rose by visiting her at her apartment. Former offensive lineman Jerry Kramer was unable to visit, but sent a thoughtful care package for Rose. There to share the Packers love with Rose was her daughter, Gail, and Gail’s husband, Jerry.

“The surprise was a huge success! We’re still on cloud nine,” said Gail. “My mom, Rose, was so happy and enjoyed talking with Bill Schroeder and receiving the gifts [from Jerry Kramer]. [The highlight was] seeing her face when he walked in and for her to see somebody else come visit her. She needed her spirits lifted and she’s going to remember this for the rest of her life.”

Special thanks to Bill Schroeder and Jerry Kramer

Photos courtesy of Laurie Marie Photography

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