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Roy Meets the Clemson Tiger Mascot

Roy attended Clemson University for two years and left college to join the Marine Corps, serving our country for three years. During basic training, he received a medal and was given a special commendation by the Colonel as the number one cadet in training. He worked hard during his years in the service, starting as a private and advancing up to a sergeant. Roy then returned to Clemson to finish up his last two years of college, earning a civil engineering degree in 1956.

Roy and has been a die-hard Clemson football Tiger fan since he first graduated from the University. While at Clemson he was the head of the Persian Rifles drill team, a highly regarded all-military team. His only son, Lee, attended Clemson and earned a civil engineering degree as well. Roy has not been back to Clemson to see a game in person since his son was a student back in the 80’s. Roy described himself as having, “tiger blood running through his veins—once a Clemson fan, always a Clemson fan!”

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He worked throughout his lifetime as a manufacturer representative, raising three kids with his wife of 62 years, Bobbie. His family reveals the story of a man who has always put his family first. He is described by his son as being a problem-solving, generous man who has never failed to try and do the best for his kids. “I aspire to be the kind of dad he was to me,” said his son. Roy served as a Deacon in the Baptist church all his life, while also involving himself in the Shriners. He donates to the University whenever he can and supports his Tigers to the best of his ability.

Roy stays devoted by watching every single Clemson football game on TV. He wears a Clemson hat daily and has nearly every Clemson décor that you can think of adorning his Brookdale room: bedspread, pennants, banners, flags etc. In May, Wish of a Lifetime partnered with Brookdale to send the Clemson Tiger Football mascot to personally visit with Roy, a true American hero, a devoted family man and a die-hard Clemson Tigers fan.

“I will be right there with them, 100% forever!” says Roy.

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Photo Credits: Elizabeth Nicholson


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