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Ruth Visits the Beach for the First Time

Ruth, 80, of Petersburg, West Virginia is a loving older adult with a strong faith and love for life. Ruth has never seen the ocean or been to the beach before. Ruth’s Wish of a Lifetime is to visit the ocean and enjoy time on the beach with her family. Ruth grew up in the hills of West Virginia. Her husband was an avid fisherman and could always be found close to the water. Ruth and her husband were inseparable and did absolutely everything together as beloved soul mates. Ruth feels like her husband has a strong presence by the water and yearned to visit the ocean to visit and feel close to him. Ruth battled breast cancer for the last eight years and has just recently started her battle with brain cancer. She has an electrifying spirit that is refreshing and lively. She is very driven and refuses to ever give up. Ruth describes being thankful for each day and has a strong, fearless faith that gets her through anything. She is so optimistic and is an inspiration to all who know her. Wish of a Lifetime was thrilled to send Ruth, her daughter, and her granddaughter to Virginia Beach, VA September 10th-13th where she relaxed by the ocean and spent time on the sandy beaches together with her family. Wish of a Lifetime partnered with Waterman’s Surfside Grille to give Ruth and her family a scrumptious seafood dinner as well as Rudee Tours to give Ruth an authentic dolphin experience. Big thank you to Nate Carroll with Last Shot Photography who beautifully captured Ruth’s wish.


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