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Bernie Reunites With Her Sisters

91-year-old Bernie has always been close with her family. She grew up on a farm in Nebraska with her nine siblings, who doubled as her best friends. She was especially close with her twin and younger sisters, and vividly remembers their giggling fits at the dinner table. Unfortunately, Bernie had not seen her sisters in years, and as such her Wish of a Lifetime was to reunite with them.

Bernie has always been dedicated to family, whether it was her siblings, husband, or children, Bernie always found a way to make her loved ones feel important. Bernie and her husband, Max, met in the third grade. She kicked him off the seesaw and the rest was history. Together, the couple had three children, and Bernie took great joy in raising them alongside her beloved husband. Unfortunately, after 60 years of marriage, Max recently passed away. Bernie was understandably devastated, and said, “my sisters are always a good giggle, and I could use a good laugh.”

Wish of a Lifetime and Brookdale were thrilled to be able to reunite Bernie with her sisters. In September 2015, Bernie traveled to Kearney, Nebraska and was joined by 70 relatives who had gathered to celebrate the reunion. Bernie had a “wonderful, wonderful time” and was delighted to once again giggle with her sisters.

Thank you to Andrea Nuxoll of AyMarie Photography for capturing Bernie’s Wish.

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