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Shirley and Jim Visit Roots in Georgia

Shirley, 79, of Boulder, CO, has lived her life dedicated to family, which she believes is the single most important thing in life. Shirley met her husband Jim, a member of the United States Air Force, at a Non-Commissioned Officers’ Dance in 1956. After the two were married, Shirley spent 26 years caring for their family as they moved across the country in support of Jim’s career. Shirley and Jim raised two daughters but had to deal with the devastating and untimely loss of one of their daughters at a young age. The strength of their family persevered. Representative of the closeness of their family, Shirley and Jim recently moved closer to their daughter, Julie, so they all could be together. Julie accompanied them on Shirley’s Wish to return to her hometown of Savannah, GA, to reconnect with nieces, nephews and old friends.

After 51 years of marriage and throughout battles with significant health issues, Jim and Shirley remain inseparable and a true testament to the strength and support a loving family can provide. When Wish of a Lifetime spoke to Jim about his Wish, he simply said that he wishes for whatever Shirley does. Wish of a Lifetime helped to honor these two loving individuals and their dedication to their family by reconnecting them with their loved ones and friends.

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