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Stanley Reunites With Daughter After 30 Years Apart

Stanley K., 80, from Loveland, Colorado is a loving man with a past marred by adversity and abundant loss. In the face of life’s challenges, Stanley maintains a passion for “helping all people, no matter the situation.” Now, it is time Stanley gets help in return. Wish of a Lifetime granted Stanley’s wish to visit his daughter Denise in Oshkosh, Wisconsin after over 30 years apart.

The various obstacles Stanley has encountered began back in 1985, when his second wife died from cancer. Then in 2009, Stanley got a devastating call from California State Patrol. They informed Stanley that his daughter, Belinda, was killed in a hit and run. The driver has never been found. Only ten days later, Stanley’s son, Michael, committed suicide. The loss of Michael was magnified when Stanley lost touch with his grandson, and Stanley’s other son developed psychological issues in the aftermath of the tragedy.

Stanley’s daughter, Denise, 53, currently lives in Oshkosh, Wisconsin and is one of Stanley’s few living relatives. As a result of financial and medical hardships, Stanley and Denise have been unable to see each other for over 30 years, but they talk on the phone often. Denise resides in an assisted living facility and her two daughters were placed in foster care due to Denise’s medical issues. While she is unsure of where her girls are today, she holds on to precious memories and hope that one day, the girls will reconnect with her.

Despite off all the heartache, Stanley has maintained a positive attitude. Stanley believes “he is living for a reason,” and that his “job on Earth is not finished.” Wish of a Lifetime agrees, and sent Stanley to Oshkosh, Wisconsin from September 4-7, 2015 to visit his daughter. Denise was thrilled to see her father, and Stanley enjoyed spending time with his “little girl.” As a man who has experienced so much loss in his lifetime, this wish provided him with much deserved solace. Stanley said the Wish made his “goal in life complete.”

Photos by Focal Point Photography, LLC

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