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Steve Reunites with Family

Steve, 68, is a dedicated family man and enjoys helping others in any way possible. He was in the military in England for 16 years before becoming a police officer in the United States. He immigrated to the United States from England in 1981 after his ex-wife came to the United States and brought their kids without Steve’s consent. After Steve found his family, he remarried and built a new life in Arizona. He became especially close with his mother and father-in-law, Noni and Jay. Steve has known Noni and Jay for over 30 years, and they have become close friends. Noni and Steve talk to each other on the phone every week. “We like to talk. And laugh. We spent a lifetime together,” said Noni. Steve wished he could reunite with Noni and Jay after 17 long years apart.

Steve created a community resource center in Three Points, Arizona, where he and others in the community could donate clothes and food to those in need. “It all started when I needed a food box. They barely gave me enough food to sustain a week. So I started asking people for donations,” said Steve. He received numerous donations—so many that he decided to convert his trailer into a community resource center. Steve worked with the local VFW to give out 1,800 food boxes. He also volunteered with the local VFW by assisting with events, like helping to dye 80 dozen Easter eggs for the VFW’s annual Easter egg hunt.

Unfortunately, Steve has encountered various health problems throughout his life. About 9 years ago, he had severe heart and lung problems. These problems caused Steve’s doctor to believe he was going to die. However, Steve persevered and is still living life to the fullest. About five months ago, Steve was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. About one month later, doctors discovered the cancer had spread to his brain. As a result, Steve began radiation in addition to this chemotherapy. About two months ago, he went off radiation because the cancer had spread to his blood. At this time, Steve was given 9 months to live. Despite this devastating diagnosis, he continues to maintain a positive attitude. He outlived doctor’s predictions once and is determined to beat the cancer.

Wish of a Lifetime was excited to send Noni and Jay to Selmer, Tennessee to reunite with Steve. “[When] Steve saw Jay he grabbed him and kissed him square on the mouth! He cried when he saw us,” said Noni. The three enjoyed reliving old memories and making new ones. They were also able to attend a special dinner. “Just to be together for a photo means so much to a person in my position,” said Steve.

Photo credit: Olga Ford Photography

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