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Cleo Goes to a Cubs Game

Cleo, 95, has always been an avid Cubs fan. Her love for the team began when she and her sister would go to a neighbor’s house to listen to the games on the radio, and has persisted throughout the years as she brought her family to games and made sure never to miss one on TV. Her apartment at Brookdale is covered with Cubs memorabilia, and she is constantly chatting with staff members and residents about the next game and how she thinks the team will perform this year. She even has a pin that says she has been a diehard fan since 1937. Although Cleo hasn’t been able to go to a game since 1990, her passion for the team has certainly never subsided. Cleo’s Wish of a Lifetime was to return to Wrigley Field once again with her three children.

Cleo is the type of person who is always giving to others and never asking for anything in return. Whether it be volunteering with the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts or working as a Sunday School teacher, she shares her loving personality and determined attitude with everyone she meets. As Cleo has gotten older, she has ascribed to the belief that age is an attitude rather than a number. She is now 95 years old and still speeding past everyone else in the hallways, brimming with positivity.

Thanks to Brookdale and Wish of a Lifetime, Cleo’s Wish came true. She and her three children were able to see their favorite team play at Wrigley Field. She was very taken by how beautiful the stadium looked since the last time she visited. The game was a close one and went into extra innings, but Cleo was able to see her team rally to win. It was a great ending to a wonderful experience shared by the entire family. “This means so much to me because I never thought I would go again,” she said.


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