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Theresa Gets Back in the Saddle

Theresa, 69, of Englewood, CO, has always been very active in every community that she has been part of. In Arizona, she volunteered at the school where her grandchildren went and now she currently volunteers every day at the Malley Senior Center in her neighborhood greeting guests and serving lunch. She is very active and loves helping others. Theresa’s Wish of a Lifetime was to ride a horse, which she hasn’t done in years.

On March 20, 2015, Wish of a Lifetime sent Theresa to Denver Equestrian’s Riding School in Littleton, CO, where she was finally able to get back up in the saddle. “Next to having children, it was the most beautiful feeling I had in my life. Everyone was so helpful, and I felt very honored. I’m very thankful to everyone involved!”

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