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A knock on the Simpson family door yielded a life changing surprise. A 10-year-old boy, confused and orphaned, stood on the doorstep as his father’s car drove away in the distance.

Thomas had lost his mother and his father delivered him and his siblings to other homes in an act of desperation. They never saw him again.

Thomas went on to join Army Air Corps and later served with the Air Force. He would then make a career for himself working as civilian as an operations/security supervisor at Eglin Air Force Base until he retired in 1989. He went on to become a devoted father unlike his own, all the while catching up with his adoptive family and especially Ella.

But time and health issues tore the two apart. Thirty years without a hug or a hand to hold finally took its toll. A few months ago, however, Thomas received a letter from Ella after she had turned 99 years old. Thomas knew that a reunion would fill the void in his heart.

“For my father, it’s a last opportunity to say goodbye to his last close family. This opportunity will bring him peace and fulfilment to his life,” his daughter told Wish of a Lifetime.

Wish of a Lifetime and Brookdale were happy to be reconnect Thomas & Ella for the first time in decades on February 13th. Even at 88 & 99 respectively, Thomas & Ella were apparently up until midnight every night chatting away. Thomas also got to take a tour around the farm he grew up on and share memories of his childhood with the group. It was truly an incredible experience.