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Troy Attends a Musical Reunion Event

Troy, 69 of Oxford, Mississippi, is very involved at his church as a pastor and musician. Since he was 20 years old, Troy has been playing the guitar and has been a part of three gospel groups. His Wish of a Lifetime was to attend the Lee Williams and the Spiritual QC’s 52nd Anniversary Music Reunion in Tupelo, Mississippi.

For 28 years, he has served as the pastor of his church. He taught Bible class, served as a youth group leader, and played music as well—in fact, Troy was the first to bring music to his church. Troy, with his gospel group, traveled around to different churches in the area to play and teach others. Troy was more active in the past, prior to his health decline, but still continues to be involved at his church at least once or twice a week. He still preaches from his wheelchair.

Last summer, Troy was diagnosed with multiple myeloma cancer. In a short period of time, Troy became very weak and lost the ability to walk and talk. After extensive physical, occupational, and speech rehabilitation, Troy has gotten stronger and learned how to walk and talk again. More than anything, Troy wishes to attend the music reunion event in Tupelo. He was looking forward to the music and hoped to see friends he made throughout his years playing and teaching music.

Thanks to Wish of a Lifetime, Troy and his wife, Bessie, attended the Lee Williams and the Spiritual QC’s 52nd Anniversary Music Reunion. “He met new friends and saw old friends. He was up and moving. It kept him going spiritually,” said Bessie. About his experience, Troy said, “It was both uplifting and encouraging.”

Photos courtesy of Troy and Bessie

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October 22, 2016