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Ruth attends the Hour of Power and meets Bobby Schuller

Ruth, 86, of Longwood, Florida, is a lifetime teacher who has always described herself as a ‘people person.’ Ruth spent 30 years teaching elementary school and was very involved in her religious community. Although Ruth happily reflects on her life as ‘full of happiness and positive people,’ the last year has been really difficult for her, as her husband of 56 years passed away suddenly. Ruth and her husband had so many trips planned and so much hope for the future, but now that Ruth is a widow, she hoped to fulfill one of the wishes that her husband had for them.

Ruth and her husband were born Jewish and raised Jewish children. Religion was always important to them and they enjoyed experiencing it with each other and friends. More specifically, Ruth and her husband loved to watch Power Hour, a show that has been taped at a church in California for many decades. Ruth loves pastor Bobby Schuller and has strong memories of watching his sermons at home with her husband.

Wish of A Lifetime and Brookdale Senior Living were incredibly proud to honor Ruth and her husband’s memory by sending Ruth to California with her daughter, Sarah, to take part in this service. Ruth attended Hour of Power, met Bobby in person, and even got to tell her story to an audience of 1000 people on Sunday morning. Ruth said that this wish put her on “cloud 29”. She was blown away by Bobby’s kindness and was so grateful to be able to fulfill the pilgrimage that she and her husband had planned for so long.

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