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Natasha Hartsfield

Field Manager, Southeast

In Natasha’s perfect world, clean water is abundant, joy is the most common of sentiments, and all voices are heard. Natasha is passionate about reshaping perceptions of age and aging in America, and playing a role in the shift of recognizing that aging is an inevitable part of life meant to be celebrated, valued, and respected. She believes not only in work-life balance, but also work-life blend- in that the work she does must align with the core value of service for the greater good.

Natasha has spent the bulk of her career in the non-profit sector. For thirteen years she served in a nationally accredited natural science and history museum where she built and managed the volunteer program, forged and fostered community relationships, and oversaw all public programming as Vice President of Programs. She went on to serve as an AmeriCorps Programs Manager at Volunteer Florida.

Today she brings forward the mission of fulfilling wishes and engaging volunteers to serve our oldest generations in making their dreams come true. Her service area is the Southeast region of the United States, but she believes service is limitless!

In her free time, you can find Natasha gardening, sailing, painting, walking hounds, playing with cats, making new friends, or adventuring to find the next inspiring tale to tell.

Fun Fact: Natasha has traveled to 20 countries and counting!