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After 74 Years, Lysle Sweeps Jayne Off Her Feet Again

Lysle Pietsch is a 94-year-old Air Force Veteran who saw active duty during his service in WWII. Beyond Lysle’s service to our country, he has created a wonderful life for his wife Jayne and his family. If you asked him what his most significant accomplishment was, however, he would say the most important thing he has done in his life was marrying his wife Jayne. The two recently celebrated 74 years of marriage, and for the last several years Jayne has acted not only as Lysle’s constant companion and partner, but as his caregiver as well. When Lylse was asked what he wanted to do more than anything, his answer was a simple one – he wanted to take his wife on a date and “sweep her off her feet” one last time.

Wish of a Lifetime made their special celebration possible on February 5th with the help of Southern Care Hospice and Parkside Retirement Home. Lysle cut a handsome figure in a custom-made suit just for the occasion, and Jayne was treated to a manicure and hairstyle appointment to make this special 74th anniversary date the most memorable celebration yet. The lobby was decorated thanks to SouthernCare, Inc. as the sponsor for the decorations that the staff hung up. The two rode out of the lobby in style, as they were driven in a limo that took them to their favorite restaurant, Johnny Delmonico’s Steakhouse.

Lysle and Jayne had a whimsical and wonderful night together. Not only has this Wish helped to celebrate 74 years of marriage, it has reminded us how meaningful a night out on the town with your loved one can truly be. The two held hands the whole ride home, and Lysle turned to Jayne and said “You still have beautiful hands.” These two soul mates exemplify the beauty and perseverance of marriage, and the true meaning of loving your partner in sickness and in health.

Special thanks to Photography by Kait for capturing the essence and love of Lysle and Jayne.

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