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Rose Gives Back to Her Family With a Night Filled With Laughter, Memories, and Of Course- Pasta

The gift of giving is all Rose wants. Rose, 83, from Denver, Colorado has always wanted to give back to her family for the ongoing and ceaseless support they have given her throughout her life.

Rose is a musician at heart, and enjoyed playing the piano at her children’s school musicals and at church. Rose got involved with her church at the early age of 12, and she continues to play the piano for her church once every two weeks. When Rose isn’t volunteering or playing the piano, she enjoys baking, beading, and spending time with her children. Over the past 10 years, health complications have led to Rose being more physically and financially dependent on others, especially her family. They have always been there for her, but she felt like she was never able to “pay them back.”

Rose’s Wish of a Lifetime was to treat her family to an elegant night of dining at their favorite restaurant, Brio Tuscan Grille. She wanted to give back, and use her Wish altruistically to show her gratitude for all that her family has given her. On January 8, 2016 Rose was able to treat nine of her family members to one of their favorite restaurants in Denver. They enjoyed an exquisite meal in a private dining room that bustled with laughter, as smiles were radiating from Rose and all of her family.  Rose wishes that she can inspire a culture of gratitude to those who see older adults as a burden on their caregivers. Rose said, “It was a very special memory that I will carry with me forever”. As Rose wanted to inspire- indeed she has!

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