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Barbara Revisits Seaside Memories with her Daughter
If you’ve ever seen the Monterey Coast with your own eyes, you know why it’s been called “the Circle of Enchantment and Fulfilment.” Everywhere you look, beauty surrounds you. From the steep cliffsides and iconic rocky shorelines to the pristine blue water and Monterey Cypress trees, Monterey is simply a magnificent place.

Barbara, originally from West Sacramento, California, fell in love with the Monterey Bay area after living in the coastal town of San Jose for a few years.

Although she has not returned since 1989, the memories she and her daughter made during that time remain just as beautiful today—and are a reminder to appreciate life’s beauty every single day.

Barbara does just that. Every day, she approaches life with a positive outlook, despite the weight of the challenges she faces.

Barbara has been resilient from a young age, overcoming significant obstacles in her life. When she was young, she struggled with dyslexia and experienced discrimination for having a learning disability. She did not let this deter her, and today feels great pride in her life and accomplishments—despite any doubts, hurdles, and naysayers she experienced along the way.

Barbara’s early experiences have taught her to face challenges and live a life of tremendous resilience and grace.

Barbara is known for the kindness and care she shares with those around her. She was a pioneer in providing meals and services for residents in her community and has always found a way to show appreciation to her caregivers.

At age 70, Barbara is bearing the burden of several significant health issues. She is battling Huntington’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, and fibromyalgia. Last year, Barbara was diagnosed with terminal cancer and was given a prognosis of six months to live. This prognosis, coupled with the difficult circumstances brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, was very challenging for Barbara. She deeply missed socializing and spending time with her friends, family, and neighbors—especially her daughter and grandchildren, who she could not see for several months.

Even as early as the 16th Century, doctors prescribed ailing patients a trip to the seaside. Sun, fresh air, and saltwater were thought to have healing powers, both mentally and physically.

This was also Barbara’s Wish: to return to the ocean and reconnect to Monterey, the place she and her daughter shared so many special memories.

With Wish of a Lifetime’s help, Barbara and her daughter returned to “the Circle of Enchantment and Fulfilment” in November of 2020. After a challenging year spent apart, they cherished this special time together.

“This trip was an opportunity to spend lots of time with my daughter, which we haven’t done in quite some time. I realized how important it is for everyone to recharge and spend time with family, which is such a gift,” she said.

While visiting the places of their past, Barbara and her daughter made new memories—surrounded by the ocean and all the natural beauty around them.

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