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Harold Reconnects With His Sister

The COVID-19 pandemic has reminded many of us just how much our family members mean to us—and how challenging it is to be away from them.

For Harold, his sister Beth’s steadfast support has meant “Everything in the world” to him. And even during their time apart, the siblings have shared an unwavering friendship.

Those who know Harold would tell you about his thoughtfulness. He’s the kind of person who puts others first and goes out of his way to encourage people—whether it be his real estate clients, friends, or sister. He’s known for his generosity, hardworking nature, and resilient spirit.

Harold’s resiliency has been with him from a young age, as he grew up with conditions that impacted the way he learned and communicated with others. It was not easy for him as a child, but overcoming these obstacles taught him to be a fighter.

It’s a quality that continues to guide him through the challenges he faces today.

At age 70, Harold faces significant medical setbacks, which the dangerous circumstances of the pandemic have exacerbated. Due to health risks, he has had to be extremely cautious about being around other people. Even when distanced from the places, activities, and people he loves, he’s been able to remain hopeful and maintain his perspective on what is still good and still possible. Beth has helped him feel connected, reminding him that: “One day, we’ll be able to just you and I spend time together.”

“She’s always looked out for me,” Harold says. From the time he was a child to when his health changed dramatically as an adult, Beth has been the one jumping into action and supporting him in every way that she could.

After many months apart, Harold’s wish was to spend quality time together with Beth—his sister, friend, and champion. And Beth knew how much spending intentional time together would do for his energy and spirit.

Wish of a Lifetime made this day come sooner than they imagined by orchestrating a safe and memorable afternoon for the siblings. Harold and Beth enjoyed the VIP treatment they deserve with a private meal at Il Porto Italian restaurant, with plenty of time for great conversation.

Finally, with uninterrupted quality time together, they could catch up on time missed while creating new memories.

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