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Bess reconnects with her musical roots

Bess, 91, of Brookdale Kerrville, is a older adult who’s got soul. The daughter of a religious singer and wife of a pastor, Bess has been surrounded by gospel music for nearly all of her life. Her Wish is to “relearn” the piano by taking lessons at her home.

Bess’ appreciation of music was inspired by her father’s “deep base voice”—something she always admired when she was little. She also admired the way her brother Nelson could play the piano “…like it was going out of style.” Bess used to take lessons when she was younger at the Southwestern Baptist Seminary. Faith and music have remained important throughout Bess’ life—she says that being a pastor’s wife has given her reason to serve others. She is highly active in her Brookdale community, getting to know the new residents and helping those who need some encouragement. Bess said that she saw the need for music within the community, prompting her to look into piano lessons so that she will be able to play at Sunday Services. “If I can be able to play while others sing along…I feel like this would be a success. This would be a spiritual experience for me because I feel like the Lord is blessing my talents…”

Thanks to Albert from Brookdale Kerrvile and Julie from Music and the Mind, Bess’ Wish came true. The first of her 6 piano lessons was on July 17th, and she even received a keyboard to help her practice on her own. Bess said this is more than she ever expected and she will continue on with piano lessons after her first six are done!


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