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Beverly and Carrielou Reunite

Beverly B., 82, and Carrielou R., 80, grew up across the river from New Orleans in the small town of Gretna. They have fond memories growing up, but were separated when Beverly married her husband in 1960 and moved to South Carolina. Beverly and Carrielou wished they could visit and reminisce with each other one last time.

Beverly has dedicated her life to helping others. For the majority of her life, Beverly volunteered with the children’s programs at her local church. Here, Beverly ran three church camps – one for kids, one for pre-teens and one for teens. While her kids were growing up, Beverly would also volunteer at local nursing homes. She even volunteered at the older adult living community she currently resides at, Brookdale Central. When her husband became ill with Parkinson’s disease and moved into the local VA home, Beverly would play the harmonica for the residents.

Unfortunately Carrielou was also diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease about one year ago. The disease has had an immense impact on her quality of life. Due to the disease, she can no longer visit loved ones or talk on the phone. She especially misses her phone calls with Beverly, and wishes they could spend quality time together in person.

Wish of a Lifetime and Brookdale Senior Living were excited to send Beverly and her daughter, Becky, to Gonzales, LA to visit Carrielou from March 20-23, 2017. Daniel, Carrielou’s son, said “anytime someone comes in to visit Mom, it brightens her spirits.” Beverly and Carrielou look forward to creating new memories and reminiscing about their past one last time.

Photo credit: Bliss Photography

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