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Bill Meets Jack Nicklaus

Bill S., 83, is an active and energetic older adult whose lifelong love of golf continues into his golden years. Bill plays golf three times a week, weather permitting, and still walks the nine holes when he plays. Bill’s wish was to meet Jack Nicklaus, who has been Bill’s idol throughout Jack’s distinguished golf career.

Bill was a father and coach figure in his neighborhood. He shared his love of sports by teaching the kids in his neighborhood how to play basketball, baseball, bowling, and he even officiated at local high school and community college games. Bill has had multiple knee surgeries, so he was forced to give up his dream to be a professional baseball player. Golf then became his strongest passion.

Bill has admired Jack Nicklaus since the 1960’s when Jack entered the world of golf. Bill never missed a tournament that Jack was playing in and even attended 25-30 of his tournaments in person to see him play. Bill admires Jack not only for his skill, but for the type of person he is. He appreciates the integrity he brings to his life and to the game of golf. Due to his shortened athletic career, Bill has lived his dream of being a professional athlete through watching Jack Nicklaus’ career unfold.

On May 30th, 2014, Bill and his daughter attended the Memorial Golf Tournament in Dublin, Ohio, a tournament that Jack Nicklaus founded 38 years ago. The second day of the tournament, they were able to spend half an hour with Jack and his wife, recounting the many special moments in his career that inspired Bill.


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May 30, 2014