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Regina Rides in a Hot Air Balloon over the Flatirons

Regina is a lovely 90-year-old woman who lives in Westminster, Colorado. Her Wish of a Lifetime was to take a ride in a hot air balloon over the famous flatiron mountains in Boulder, Colorado.

Regina says that she has always gotten the best feeling from doing things that are worthwhile and positively impact others. During WWII, she worked on an army base in Pueblo where soldiers going to and returning from service abroad checked in and out. Regina did whatever needed to be done to keep the base running at a time when it needed all the help it could get. She is also in her 30th year with the Radio Reading Service for the Blind in Boulder where she assists with creating and transmitting recorded broadcasts of written material.

Regina grew up in New Jersey and then moved to Colorado to raise her family. Ever since she first moved to Colorado she has been enthralled with the mountain scenery. An avid amateur photographer, the Rockies has become the subject of much of Regina’s photography. They have also become her favorite place to escape, even just for a drive after a bad day or stressful period. She currently lives in Westminster but commutes to Boulder with her son, Steve, or his wife, Kelly, 3-5 days each week; every morning she remarks how beautiful the mountains are. Regina gets especially excited on the mornings when they see hot air balloons flying over Boulder and tells Kelly and Steve how exciting she thinks it must be to fly in one.

Wish of a Lifetime was thrilled to grant Regina’s Wish on the beautiful morning of June 1, 2014. Regina, Kelly, and Steve all climbed into a basket and floated away alongside four and the rising sun over the Rocky Mountains and the Boulder Flatirons.

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