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Chuck Attends the Reno Air Races

Chuck, 80, from Brookdale San Marcos North in San Marcos, Texas, was an aerospace engineer with Douglas, Boeing, McDonald, Rohr and Lockheed Martin. Working in the aerospace industry, Chuck learned and read about the Reno Air Races for many years. After his time in the aerospace industry, Chuck began working with race cars. He built street cars and eventually race cars and dragsters. Once Chuck got married and settled down with his wife, he finally had the freedom and time to visit the Reno Air Races. Chuck and his wife attended these races for about 6 years. He Wished he could return to his favorite air show.

Chuck and his wife would often meet with Chuck’s friends from Douglas, Boeing, etc. at the Reno Air Races for a reunion. Chuck and his friends enjoyed watching the military planes that they helped build as aerospace engineers. However, as time went on, Chuck’s friends began to pass away, including his wife. However, his love for planes has remained strong. His room is full of plane pictures and books and as Barry, Chuck’s son, said, “…if my dad looks up into the sky and sees an airplane, he can tell you the exact make and model.”

Loyjean, Resident Program Director at Brookdale San Marcos North, said, “Chuck misses his wife, and as time gets closer to this race it is a reminder of the bond they had. This was the only race they attended together as a couple. Chuck’s wife would not attend his race car races that he was driving in because he could be hurt, so this was the race that united them.” Wish of a Lifetime and Brookdale Senior Living were excited to send Chuck and Barry to the Reno Air Races. Chuck had not been to the Reno Air Races in 12 years, and could not wait to bring back fond memories of times at the races with his wife. Chuck said, “I always enjoyed going to the races, and I will always remember this. I have enjoyed racing all my life, and this trip was a culmination of my life’s joys.”

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September 18, 2016