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Gary Goes to Muscle Car Show

75 year-old Gary never really thought a car was just supposed to get you from point A to point B. He has always had the philosophy that while a car should get you from point A to point B, it should also look good and be fast.

Gary has always loved cars. The first car he ever bought was a semi-custom 1950 Ford truck that he used to get to and from school. As a gearhead, Gary didn’t quite agree with his wife when she took him to the Ford dealership to get a brand new Ford station wagon. It made perfect sense, seeing as they had 3 kids at the time—but Gary had the final say. The Ford station wagons were ugly, so he bought a 1965 GTO convertible instead.

When Gary talks about cars, it’s almost like he is talking about a living thing. He has owned several muscle cars throughout his life. It wasn’t just about the cars for Gary, however—it was the relationships he built and the connections he made with other owners. Listening to these guys talk about their cars is like hearing a different language, and Gary speaks that language fluently. Unfortunately, due to health issues, Gary is no longer able to drive. He longs for the days when he could rumble around in his 1965 GTO convertible and talk engines with his friends.

Wish of a Lifetime and Brookdale Senior Living were happy to be make that happen when they sent Gary and his daughter, Molly, to Sellers Buick GMC in Farmington Hills for their Indian Summer Car Show. Gary was then driven to the Bakers of Milford Car Show in a 1965 GTO Convertible, just like the one he used to own.

Very special thanks to Terry Tipton, Sellers Buick GMC & Bakers of Milford for making this such a special experience for Gary!

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September 18, 2016