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Walter Interacts with Penguins

Walter, 73, currently resides in Michigan at the Town Village of Sterling Heights. Ever since he can remember, Walter has always been fascinated with penguins. While visiting the penguin exhibit at the Tennessee Aquarium decades ago, it struck him that he wanted to be able to get up close to these adorable creatures. He wanted to be able to have the opportunity to feed and pet them. Up until a few years ago, when he saw a documentary based on the public having the opportunity to interact with penguins at exhibits in zoos, Walter never thought it would be possible for him to interact with a penguin.

Walter is actively involved at his Brookdale Senior Living community – he helps new residents acclimate to the community and is also the president of the Men’s Club. Wish of a Lifetime and Brookdale were excited to grant Walt’s wish to interact with penguins. He was able to enjoy his penguin experience at the Detroit Zoo with two of his family members, Jeff and Alex. Walt stated that the penguins were almost like dogs in the sense they loved to be petted and would follow a fish wherever it was taken!

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