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Joanne D., 80, Goes to Disney World

At 80 years of age, Joanne D. of Rochester, NY had always longed of going to Disney World, but had never gotten the chance to. Her Wish of a Lifetime was to go to Disney with her daughters for the first time. When Joanne was raising her kids in New York, Disney was a central theme in their upbringing. Joanne and her late husband used to collect Disney movies and the kids would watch them over and over again.

Even though nobody in her family has ever been to Disney World (it was always just a dream for them), they are serious Disney fans. So serious that one of Joanne’s grandchildren is named Anastasia after the movie character. What was Anastasia for Halloween? Princess Jasmine of course! Joanne has always had a huge heart. She volunteered at Angel Tree for years and did so at her father’s assisted living community as well.

Unfortunately, Joanne has had to overcome a lot of loss in her life and is currently dealing with her own health issues that make a trip to Disney seem to be even more of a dream than it once was. Wish of a Lifetime is happy to honor Joanne’s wish and sent her, along with her 3 daughters, to Disney World on February 9th. Joanne’s daughter Lisa said that the highlight was when they went to see the show Lion King at Animal Kingdom. Joanne cried her eyes out during “Circle of Life.” They also went to see the firework show at the castle and Joanne sat behind the daughters as they watched the fireworks. All the sisters were crying, because it reminded them of when they were kids. Lisa described it as an emotional, exhilarating and memorable trip for the whole family.

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