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Ida’s Grandson Visits From Hawaii

For Ida Mae G., age 99, of Roanoke, VA, family means everything. Growing up on a ranch in North Dakota, Ida Mae was born to a mother who was Sioux Native American and an English father. Because of her heritage, she was placed into an Indian School. Though native children were not treated kindly in these schools, Ida Mae learned many skills like cooking, sewing, and embroidering. After moving east, she met her husband and had a daughter and a son.

Her daughter later went on to have James, Ida Mae’s grandson. Because her daughter worked evenings and nights, Ida Mae helped raise James. Her fondest memories are of riding in the car with James sitting on the arm rest of her seat. He would lean over to look at the dash and ask her, “Grandma, are you going the speed limit?” As an adult, James moved to Hawaii for work and it had been over 10 years since she’s been able to see him. Thanks to Brookdale and Wish of a Lifetime, Ida Mae and James were reunited for three full days in January 2017. Ida stated that she may not have too much longer and having the opportunity to see James again meant the world to her.

Photography Credits: Jared Ladia Photography

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