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Jean Learns Sign Language

Jean C., 84, of The Devonshire of Mt. Lebanon in Pittsburgh, PA, is charismatic older adult who has overcome tremendous obstacles in her life. Jean’s Wish of a Lifetime is to learn sign language.

Mother to four, Jean worked hard throughout her life to provide for her children. Jean was unable to communicate with one of her daughters because she was deaf and who sadly passed away at a young age. Jean regrets not learning sign language and aspires to learn the basic skills surrounding sign communication.

Jean has an impressive history of volunteering throughout her adult life. She was the president of the department of housing for 9 years in her previous community, and now is on the resident council of her Brookdale community, serving as the spokesperson for her 65-person floor. For Jean, being able to learn sign language will not only be a great personal accomplishment, but she’ll hopefully be able to communicate with her great grandson and daughter, who have also learned basic sign communication.

Wish of a Lifetime and Brookdale arranged for a sign language teacher from the Center for Hearing and Deaf Services in Pittsburgh, PA, to teach eight lessons to Jean and her friends. Their first sign language lesson took place on January 8th, 2014, at The Devonshire of Mt. Lebanon


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