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When Leora, 85, was 12 years old, she had her tonsils and adenoids removed. She was kept out of school for a short period of time and then went back to school for two days only to be sent home again because she had caught pneumonia.  Leora was forced to stay home sick for a month until she fully recovered. Her mother gave her simple activities to do to keep her from being bored (things like sorting buttons into different piles), until one day she finally ran out of things for her to do. Leora’s mother told her to browse through some farming magazines and journals they had lying around the house and to find someone in the catalog to write to. She gave her a penny postcard to send out. Leora found an advertisement for Sylvan Dale Ranch in Loveland, Colorado. She then wrote a note to the Sylvan Dale Ranch on her penny postcard and sure enough, they responded to her. She kept the card that Sylvan Dale Ranch had responded to her on for years in her dresser drawer.

Ever since she found their ad in a farming magazine, Leora has wanted to stay at least one night at the Sylvan Dale Ranch. Her family didn’t have enough money to go on family vacations, so this was never an option for her as a child. However, Leora was determined to spend the night at this ranch, so later on in life as an adult she took a trip to Loveland, CO with her daughter Nancy to see if the ranch was still around. But low and behold there had been a flood and Leora was sure that the ranch had been destroyed. This crushed Leora as she felt she could no longer fulfill her dream of staying at this ranch. Luckily, Leora mentioned this dream of hers to her friend who knew the Sylvan Dale Ranch was still open! Now, after 74 years of having a dream to spend at least one night at the Sylvan Dale Ranch in Loveland, CO, Leora will be spending two nights there with her daughter and grandson!

Leora has always had a soft spot in her heart for older adults. Her career was spent mostly in the medical field, and she would often volunteer at nursing homes. She was always found doing the simple things that meant a lot to older adults, like giving people pedicures or brushing their hair. Wish of a Lifetime was excited to be able to give back to Leora and grant this wish on May 7, 2018. Leora stayed at Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch until May 9, just a few days after her 86th birthday! She stayed at the ranch with her grandson, John, for the first night and with her daughter, Nancy, the second night. Leora enjoyed staying at the amazing ranch and eating the delicious breakfasts served there while fulfilling her 74 year-long dream.