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Mary Lou Teaches an Art Class

Mary Lou, 89, has been passionate about creating works of art since she was ten years old. Art has always been a meaningful way for Mary Lou to escape and feel productive. When her and her husband were living in Cincinnati, Ohio, Mary Lou was very active in helping the city with its many art commissions. Aside from giving back to the local community, Mary Lou spent her entire life teaching art students. In fact, Mary Lou has been teaching art students since she was in her twenties.

It wasn’t until she turned 88 that Mary Lou honorably retired from teaching when her husband became very ill. Now that he has passed away, Mary Lou’s family and friends would love for her to teach another lesson. Wish of a Lifetime and Brookdale were absolutely thrilled to celebrate Mary Lou and grant her wish on Monday June 26th at her Brookdale community. Mary Lou was able to prepare a thorough lesson plan and teach an art class to Brookdale employees, family and friends, and other Broookdale residents.

Mary Lou described the entire experience as “thrilling” and her friends said this experience provided her with energy that she has not had since her husband passed away. Wish of a Lifetime is proud to have reconnected Mary Lou with her passion and is grateful to her and her family for all of their love and support throughout this wish granting process.

Photography by: Christopher Padgett, First Blush Photos

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