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Mildred, 93, rides a motorcycle for the first time

Mildred is a 93 year old resident of Brookdale Reidsville in North Carolina who has lived in the south for her entire life. Mildred grew up on a farm and then worked at the America Tobacco Company for 40 years. Mildred worked very hard in her life until she retired at the age of 60, and then she focused her efforts on giving back to others. Mildred was a constant presence at her church, looking after the younger members and caring for the older, fragile members of the congregation. In addition, Mildred volunteers for Meals on Wheels and donated her time towards providing companionship for isolated older adults. Mildred is a very humble woman who does not ask for much. That is why, when Wish of a Lifetime learned that Mildred wished to ride on a motorcycle, they were thrilled to honor her. Mildred has always seen motorcycles driving through the mountains and on country roads and imagined herself on the back of one, feeling the wind flowing through her hair and the sun on her back. Wish of a Lifetime and Brookdale were thrilled to be able to grant Mildred’s wish on June 24th, 2017. Mildred was greeted by eight Harley Davidson’s and was able to take a 20 minute ride on a local highway with her entire ‘posse’ by her side. Mildred said that she is still on cloud nine and is already looking forward to her next adventure. Wish of a Lifetime was proud to be able to grant this life long wish and provide Mildred with an experience that she never thought possible.

Special thanks to Morgan Cates photography and Richard and Janice Jarrett!

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